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Old sketches


A little something for Halloween 🙂


The Nautilus

The summoning

I always wanted to paint a dragon.  What do you think? 🙂


I recently joined an online art group.  At the start of every month we are given a brief of what we are to create and submit by the end of the month. The… Continue reading


It’s been a long time since I last posted anything, I have had a very busy summer. However, I finally decided to learn Maya with the help of digital tutors. Coming from a Softimage… Continue reading


More experimenting. My thought process when creating this piece were along the lines of how we as human beings are able to adapt to whatever situation we find ourselves. Hope you like it.… Continue reading


Ever wondered what the planet Mars would look like if it was terraformed and had a breathable atmosphere?.. No? Well, this is my take on it, I imagine it would look very much like… Continue reading

Desert Mammoth

I designed this creature a long time ago but I never really liked it because I always felt there were things within the original image that just didn’t look right. A couple of… Continue reading